Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

In light of the Executive Orders issued on March 20,2020 by Governor Cuomo (NY) and on March 21,2020 by Governor Murphy (NJ) we at Lester Schwab Katz & Dwyer LLP want to assure you that we are working remotely and will remain fully operational throughout the duration of this public health crisis. Until further notice, the most effective methods of communicating with us are email or phone, not the US mail. In the event that you need wire instructions or have accounting questions, please contact David Glicksman by email at Our hope is that this crisis will not be long. Regardless of its duration, however, we will continue to provide our clients with uninterrupted service. Your support, friendship and trust are so important to us as we get through this trying time together. We wish you all good health for you and your families.

Executive Committee
Lester Schwab Katz & Dwyer LLP

Attorney List

Robert B. Acker
 Associate  New York, NY  212-341-4407
Alfredo J. Alvarado
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4232
Jeffrey B. Aronwald
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4347
Thomas V. Backis
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4244
Allyson B. Belmont
 Counsel  New York, NY  212-341-4359
Jessica A. Brewer
 Associate  New York, NY  212-341-4469
Nathan A. Brill
 Counsel  New York, NY  212-341-4211
Aaron Brouk
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4360
W. McKinney Brown IV
 Associate  New York, NY  212-341-4361
Thomas A. Catalano
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4298
Thomas B. Coppola
 Counsel  New York, NY  212-341-4478
Felice J. Cotignola
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4313
John DeMatteo III
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4435
Harold J. Derschowitz
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4263
Robert N. Dunn
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4406
Richard Eniclerico
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4207
Michael Frittola
 Counsel  New York, NY  212-341-4204
Steven B. Getzoff
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4345
Jonathan Glasser
 Counsel  New York, NY  212-341-4318
Richard Granofsky
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4320
Gerald J. Gunning
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4446
Danielle B. Hoffmann
 Associate  New York, NY  212-341-4366
C. Briggs Johnson
 Associate  New York, NY  212-341-4393
Paul L. Kassirer
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4355
Melvin Katz
 Counsel  New York, NY  212-341-4214
Jennifer L. Kelly
 Counsel  New York, NY  212-341-4258
Daniel S. Kotler
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4392
Ron Langman
 Counsel  New York, NY  212-341-4371
Robyn J. Leader
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4484
Jeffrey M. Marchese
 Associate  New York, NY  212-341-4377
Michael E. McDonagh
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4385
Kelli A. McGrath
 Counsel  New York, NY  212-341-4399
Peter Moomjian
 Counsel  New York, NY  212-341-4438
David H. Motola
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4291
Ellen Nimaroff
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4249
Maggie P. O'Connor
 Associate  New York, NY  212-341-4367
Steven P. Orlowski
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4362
Jeffrey A. Payne
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4316
Eric A. Portuguese
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4220
Steven B. Prystowsky
 Counsel  New York, NY  212-341-4221
Dennis M. Rothman
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4343
Jenya A. Rozenfeld
 Associate  New York, NY  212-341-4350
John Sandercock
 Counsel  New York, NY  212-341-4479
Curt J. Schiner
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4462
Kimberly A. Schirripa
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4411
Harold Lee Schwab
 Special Counsel  New York, NY  212-341-4234
Kristina M. Scotto
 Associate  New York, NY  212-341-4284
Julie Shiferman
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4283
Shawn D. Shirian
 Associate  New York, NY  212-341-4353
Cristen R. Sommers
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4495
David S. Stecklow
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4218
John L. Tarnowski
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4346
Lee D. Tarr
 Associate  New York, NY  212-341-4262
Paul M. Tarr
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4351
Andrew D. Zaleski
 Associate  New York, NY  212-341-4240
Joshua C. Zimring
 Partner  New York, NY  212-341-4388

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